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Looking at venues: Braid Hills Hotel

Hello slashers!

I've been looking at possible venues for the con. My priorities have been to find a hotel with a nice bar/lounge where we can hang out, not too far from downtown, and rooms that are at least as affordable as those at the Dimension Jump hotel. I'll tell you it's not been fantastically easy; a lot of affordable Edinburgh hotels are of the B&B type, which is great for budget travellers, but wouldn't quite suit our purposes. We're also in high season, so prices run high.

Right now, I'm seriously considering the Braid Hills Hotel. It's not terribly cheap - a single room will cost you from £81 per night, a double from £117 for two people. They also have rooms that will sleep three people, for £144. What this means is, the more you are, the cheaper you can get it, assuming you're willing to share.

So, why Braid Hills? Well, for one, both smaych and I know the hotel, as she got married there. It's a lovely location, and close to a few places we're planning (voluntary) excursions too. We know they have a nice bar and spacious lounge, busses run into the city center regularly, and we know the staff are friendly and accommodating.

Keep in mind, attendees are not required to stay at the venue! There are plenty of hotel options in Edinburgh, and if the venue we end up with is beyond your budget, we'd be happy to help you find cheaper acommodations. We are, however, committed to finding a venue where anyone who wants to can stay the night if they like!

We would very much like your opinion on this matter. Please comment here with your thougths/ideas/suggestions. The sooner we decide on a venue, the sooner we can start taking sign-ups, and get down to some serious planning!


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