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Con Schedule

We've put together a preliminary schedule for the con - note that there may be changes! Though listed in chronological order, some program items lack a starting time; this will be added later.

  • 12 PM  - MEET & GREET at the main venue - We'll be at the bistro right by the hotel, so that those who'd like to can have lunch there.
  • TREASURE HUNT - we start and meet up at the venue. Times TBA.
  • 7 PM - CURRY NIGHT at the Clay Oven restaurant. If you want to attend this, please let us know in the comments, so we can book a table.
  • SLASHY POTERY & FIC READING at the venue

  • (NOT TOO) EARLY MORNING RUN around the venue area, for the Rimmers among us. 
  • VISIT TO PAWS HERE SMALL ANIMAL SHELTER for those interested - close to the main venue.
  • 1 PM - PICNIC - in Braid Park, close to the main venue
  • EVENING - QUIZ & PRIZES - location TBA, probably main venue


There will also be a FIC CONTEST, the details of which will be up soon, in a separate post. As always, feed us back! :D

Sign Up Post!

This is the official sign-up post for SlashCon. To sign up, comment to this entry, providing the following information:

E-mail address:
Staying at the venue (yes/no):
Other contact information (optional):

Comments will be screened. You don't have to provide your full name if you don't want to. The venue question is so we can get an idea of how many will be staying there, in order to possibly negotiate a discount.

Slash con is FREE! Keep in mind, however, that certain events - like curry night at a local Indian restaurant - will require payment. This will be clearly marked in the event listing.

Venue set!

Exciting news, slashers!

We've decided on a venue - The Braid Hills Hotel. I've mentioned it in the community before, but basically, it's got a great location, both smaych and I, and some of the other people helping out are familiar with it. The rooms aren't terribly reasonable, but if I can get a fairly good idea of how many we will be actually staying here (you don't have to stay at the venue), we migth be able to negotiate a discount. I'll be putting up a sign-up post on Sunday.

We've also got some program items set. There will definitely be:

- Curry night
- Slashy poetry reading
- Treasure hunt
- Special fan guest teleconference
- Fic challenge
- A visit to smaych's shelter for those who like
- Picknic
- Round Robin writing

If you have more ideas for programming or any comments at all, please let us know!


Venue poll

'Sup, slashers?

We're still looking at venues. We want to make a decision as soon as possible, so we can start taking sign-ups. Hence, this handy poll. Your input is much appreciated!

I should note that SlashCon will be FREE; your only expense would be your hotel room, should you opt to stay at the venue.

Poll #1559307 Are you going to SlashCon?

Are you going to SlashCon?

Don't know yet

If you are going to SlashCon, where do you plan on staying?

At the venue, if possible

What would be MOST important for you in a venue?

Cheap rooms
Good location
Cheap food/drink
Other (specify in comments)


Looking at venues: Braid Hills Hotel

Hello slashers!

I've been looking at possible venues for the con. My priorities have been to find a hotel with a nice bar/lounge where we can hang out, not too far from downtown, and rooms that are at least as affordable as those at the Dimension Jump hotel. I'll tell you it's not been fantastically easy; a lot of affordable Edinburgh hotels are of the B&B type, which is great for budget travellers, but wouldn't quite suit our purposes. We're also in high season, so prices run high.

Right now, I'm seriously considering the Braid Hills Hotel. It's not terribly cheap - a single room will cost you from £81 per night, a double from £117 for two people. They also have rooms that will sleep three people, for £144. What this means is, the more you are, the cheaper you can get it, assuming you're willing to share.

So, why Braid Hills? Well, for one, both smaych and I know the hotel, as she got married there. It's a lovely location, and close to a few places we're planning (voluntary) excursions too. We know they have a nice bar and spacious lounge, busses run into the city center regularly, and we know the staff are friendly and accommodating.

Keep in mind, attendees are not required to stay at the venue! There are plenty of hotel options in Edinburgh, and if the venue we end up with is beyond your budget, we'd be happy to help you find cheaper acommodations. We are, however, committed to finding a venue where anyone who wants to can stay the night if they like!

We would very much like your opinion on this matter. Please comment here with your thougths/ideas/suggestions. The sooner we decide on a venue, the sooner we can start taking sign-ups, and get down to some serious planning!


Welcome slashers!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the brand-spanking new community for SlashCon, the - as far as we know - only Red Dwarf Slash convention. The con will be taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th 2010. It is organized by smaych and myself. We'll have more info up here as soon as we can get it - meanwhile, don't hesitate to ask questions, here or via PMs or e-mail!